Campaign creative for the BFI Jean-Luc Godard retrospective

In the words of the season curators, ‘Jean-Luc Godard is a seminal film director and a leading contemporary artist whose work in diverse media and changing historical contexts demands to be re-examined’.

When I started working on the campaign, I focused the initial research for moodboards and references on classic French New Wave film posters and artworks inspired by that iconic aesthetic, to capture the spirit of an era known to a wide audience.

Visual references

Initial designs
Two approaches were subsequently explored.

The first one focused on Godard himself, using a shot of the director looking up at a piece of film. Context was created by bringing together the image with the period aesthetics, to engage audiences not too familiar with the images of him.

The second approach made use Godard’s most recognisable and iconic body of work, to evoke the look and feel of the French New Wave.

Final design
The final design featured an image from Le Petit Soldat, Godard's first film with Anna Karina, evoking the carefree attitude that characterised the era, with strong references to its youth culture and music. The use of bold colours made sure the artwork would stand out on the streets.

Campaign and collateral
The campaign included outdoor advertising, promotional leaflets, UK-wide press ads and various social media.