Campaign creative for the BFI Ingmar Bergman retrospective

To mark the centenary of the world-renowned Swedish filmmaker, the BFI presented one of the most comprehensive retrospectives of Ingmar Bergman’s work in the UK to date to reappraise him as the director who turned cinema into an art form.

Bergman is renowned for his incredible close ups, often with the actors staring straight out of the camera into the audience.
His work deals with duality, identity, betrayal, bleakness and insanity. In addition to these cerebral topics, however, sexual desire features in the foreground of most of his films.
In an interview with Playboy in 1964, he said: ‘I don’t want to make merely intellectual films. I want audiences to feel, to sense my films. This to me is much more important than their understanding them.’
These key concepts guided the initial research.

Visual research

Initial designs
The first designs focused on expressing duality and directness, highlighting the highly aesthetic quality of the images the director photographed.

Final design
The final design features a vivid image from Persona, with the character portrayed by Liv Ullmann filling the canvas in an extreme close up.

Campaign and collateral
The campaign encompassed tube and rail advertising, environmental graphics, press and digital ads on nationwide publications.
As part of the campaign, I also created a booklet that made the very large retrospective more accessible for audiences less familiar with Bergman’s body of work, and the theatrical poster for the film Persona.