Campaign creative for El Sur

El Sur was a Cannes Film Festival entry in 1983. Hailed as a masterpiece and filled with intimations of magic, the film is a recollection of the relationship of a young girl with her mysterious father who came from the south.
The BFI planned the UK wide re-release of the film wanting to engage arthouse cinema goers and film festivals attendees, and a relevant campaign in line with current independent films was essential to position it.

The pivotal themes, symbols and characters from the film were selected to pin down the key elements that were to be featured in the artwork. And a visual research of the most successful arthouse landscape helped steering moods and key colour palettes. 

Visual references

Key visual elements from the film

Initial designs
Among the initial concepts, a few featured hand-drawn type and rendered silhouettes to create a link with childhood.

The key symbols recurring throughout the film were also identified and incorporated in the designs.

Final design
The imagined panorama of the South (El Sur) features prominently in the final poster with the magic symbols that repeatedly appear in the film, evoking the surreal and dreamlike atmosphere that characterises it.

Campaign and collateral
The campaign included cinemas and press advertising, promotional materials and social media.
The artwork was also adapted for the subsequent DVD release.